Stephen and Tabitha King Make Generous Gift to a Maine Coalition for Better Gun Laws

Maine author and gun owner, Stephen King, and his wife and fellow author, Tabitha, have made a substantial donation to the Coalition for a Safer Maine, a statewide group advocating for sensible gun legislation. The Kings join the Coalition in supporting proposed legislation that will expand background checks, ban high capacity magazines, and strengthen the prohibition on guns for those adjudicated mentally ill. Proposed legislation for these measures are being heard at the Maine State House this week.

“We are grateful for the generous support of Mr. and Mrs. King at this pivotal moment in our efforts to establish common sense gun regulations in Maine. This gift, along with other gifts from many like-minded people around the state, will be used immediately to fund our advocacy efforts” says Larry Gilbert, former Mayor of Lewiston, former Federal Marshall, and co-Chair of the Coalition for a Safer Maine.

“Mr. King strongly defends the Second Amendment and acts accordingly – he owns three handguns. And as a gun owner, he believes the right is also a responsibility that should be safeguarded by sensible laws, such as expanding background checks and banning the sale of high capacity ammunition magazines,” adds Paula Silsby, former US Attorney and co-Chair of the Coalition. 

Stephen King’s wildly popular e-book, Guns, published a few months ago, has become recognized as one of the most down-to-earth, common-sense statements of why better gun laws are needed.

Tom Franklin, President of Maine Citizens Against Handgun Violence, a leading Coalition member, applauded the King’s generous and timely gift. “The Coalition’s goals are overwhelmingly supported by Mainers according to recent polling. But, like any movement, we need the engagement and support of generous people like Mr. and Mrs. King to fund the critical work that needs to be done around this issue,” he said. “Maine is changing, and we need modern gun laws that can handle these changes appropriately.”

The PanAtlantic SMS poll recorded support for background checks for all gun sales at 89.6%, 63.5% for banning high capacity ammunition magazines and 57.1% for banning the sale of assault weapons – all higher than the 52% who supported marriage equality last fall. Testifying before the legislature’s Criminal Justice committee Monday, Gilbert and others cited the overwhelming support of the public for better gun laws in Maine and urged the committee to recognize that better gun laws don’t infringe rights and don’t offend responsible gun owners.

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